Thu. Jun 1st, 2023
Relationship and breakup advice

Relationship and breakup advice

Relationship and  Breakup Advice

Breakups are indeed  one of the most difficult things for any one of us to deal with. If you have the experience of being dumped, or if you do the dumping yourself; You can surely feel the pain or being dumped, as you can loose confidence in yourself and question who you really are ,and even if you are attractive to others anymore!

  The pain of breaking is like a bereavement to you, as you feel the loss of someone who was close to you . You feel all that love disappear suddenly, and you don’t know what to do,say,think or do! Deep inside you feel empty, as all your lovely beautiful world has gone and all you are left with is the memories .The memories and the memories ,oh God!

Why didn’t I do this! Why didn’t I do that . If only I done this. If only I done that!  You are racking your brain for answers ! Surely there must be a way! Surely! Oh no!
You are living in a new world now,without your partner , your other half, your soul mate. You think to yourself ‘I will never love again’ . How can I trust anyone ever again,after what happened!. You gave everything to your partner ,everything, and they threw it all back at you and broke your heart!.  

   How can you even begin to think about starting all over again with someone new !How long would it take for you to get your confidence back again and for you to start believing again , believing in a whole new love and letting your heart fill again!
  Whatever happened,happened, between you and your partner. You broke up because your partner broke your heart or even you broke theirs!         Even if they didn’t cheat on you ,you fell out of love, something happened inside of you  to make you change your mind about your partner!   The feelings of love were suddenly gone, gone! All the love that you once shared was no more. 

    No one is to blame but our hearts, who knows what love is best for us sometimes, even more than we know in our brains.
           If you are doing the dumping , you are in a state of shock sometimes too. Why did your partner LIE to you ? How could they say they loved me for so long and in the end they had no love for me whatsoever in their heart! Why did they lie and cheat and break your heart and bring down your world to the floor! Why,why,why! You cannot stand to be in their presence anymore. You can;t even look at them without feeling the hurt deep inside you ,and your are hurting,hurting real bad!  

        Whatever feelings of hate you have for your partner in this case, you must not let it ruin your whole life. You can carry those hate feeling with you for years on years ,until they bottle up inside you and never let you be happy again, except keep you feeling bitter always and forever!
   If you want to move on with your life,and you must, you must let go of all the bad feelings and hate that is eating inside you.     

You must let go and get on with your life,however slowly, you must attain the ‘real happiness on your heart’. You deserve that, and you must strive to get it for you.   

 You are a wonderful person ,a miracle, and you deserve all the love in the world.     You deserve to love and be loved and no one can take that away from you sweetheart. No one can,man or woman ever !

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